Young woman with clear winter complexion
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How to Maintain a Clear Complexion During the Cold Weather

Biting winds, central heating and a poor diet can all lead to problems with our skin throughout the cooler months. To keep your complexion clear this winter, it’s worth paying close attention to combat greasy outbreaks and dry patches and trying some herbal remedies for a clear complexion. It’s natural for the condition of your […]

Couple enjoying a healthy autumn
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Reduce Discomfort With Herbal Water Retention Tablets This Autumn

Water retention, also known as Oedema, is an uncomfortable and common complaint, so it is no surprise that many people seek a solution from herbal water retention tablets.  Fluid retention can cause swelling around the stomach, feet, legs, ankles, fingers, and arms which during the autumn months, can contribute to stiffness and discomfort in these areas. If […]

Woman in nature in autumn
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Celebrating our 10,000th Facebook Fan!

13th October 2017 To celebrate our TEN THOUSANDTH Facebook follower, we ran a competition to offer members of our Facebook community a chance to win TEN £30 Amazon Gift Vouchers in a simple competition. Ten lucky winners were chosen at random on 20th October 2017 – entrants just had to tell us their top tip for natural autumn health. We had some […]

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How to Get Rid of Water Retention in the Heat

Just when you want to look your best for the summer, hot and humid weather often means that your ankles become puffy or your tummy feels bloated due to water retention. Hot weather tends to increase fluid retention, so it is a good idea to work out how to get rid of water retention so […]