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Beating Fluid Retention Naturally with Buchu Leaf Herb

Buchu leaf herb has been revered for generations as a tonic to help promote overall wellbeing. It is also a powerful anti-oxidant and diuretic which can help relieve fluid retention.  The plant has long been an important trade commodity: in fact, according to the cargo list of the Titanic, the fated ship had eight bales […]

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Water Retention Tablets To Safely Ease That Nagging Bloat

Sometimes we can all feel a little bloated, regardless of our diet.  Feeling full, sluggish and generally uncomfortable can be a sign that you are suffering from fluid retention. It can even affect other parts of your body, causing your ankles, hands and fingers to swell. Taking water retention tablets and making small changes to […]

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Herbal Medicines To Help Put a Spring in Your Step

With the clocks going forward and springtime now upon us, it’s a great time of year to re-focus, renew and reawaken your inner health. The move to British Summertime is a great opportunity to take your spring cleaning to a new level, clearing out old beauty regimes and rituals and taking time to try some […]

Spring Clean Your Skin The Natural Way with HRI Herbal Medicine
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Spring Cleaning Your Skin the Natural Way

Hooray! It looks as if winter is finally over and we can begin to look forward to warmer weather once again. Spring is a time of renewal, which is why so many of us feel the need to start afresh this time of year, we have the urge to clean out our closets and embark […]

How to deal with Bacne
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Top Tips to Avoid ‘Bacne’

Most of us suffer from annoying outbreaks of spots and pimples from time to time. However, when these happen across your back and shoulders, it can make you feel quite miserable and – because the irritation is usually under your clothes – very sore and uncomfortable.  Back acne or ‘bacne’ as it is sometimes known, […]