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Who Has TIME for a Stinking Cold?

The common cold can be a blight on us all during winter and early spring. Staying inside with the doors and windows closed may help us to avoid the bad weather, but it also gives those nasty cold germs ideal conditions in which to multiply and spread. Even if you do go out and about, […]

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How To Tell If You Have A Cold or Flu

If your nose is feeling all stuffed up and your throat is itchy and dry, chances are you are coming down with something. This time of year, colds and flu viruses are rife,  and it can be difficult to tell whether you are dealing with a common cold or something more serious. Both the common […]

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Three Surprising Long Term Health Effects of Anxiety

Giving a presentation, going for a job interview or being late for a flight are all things that would make most people feel quite anxious! Being nervous, afraid or worried about certain events or situations is completely normal, and usually the unpleasant and uncomfortable feelings subside after the event passes or difficult times improve. But, […]

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5 Ways To De-Stress In Less Than 5 Minutes

You’re not being chased by a lion, but your heart rate, clammy hands and feelings of panic make you feel as if you are! Stress and anxiety can cause intense and unsettling physical and psychological responses, however big or small the cause. Everyone experiences stress, it’s a normal part of everyday life. But when you […]

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Five Fabulous Foods to Boost Your Mood

We can all feel a bit glum and sluggish in the winter-time, but in January in particular, this can tip over into feelings of depression or despondency for some of us. If your state of mind is affecting your everyday life – for example, if you’re  struggling to get out of bed or you find […]

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An Everyday Guide To A Superhero Supplement

Vitamin C helps to boost our immune systems, as well as improve the body’s ability to heal wounds, absorb iron and form collagen to keep our skin looking smooth and healthy. As one of the best-loved supplements in the world, many of us rely heavily on it during the winter months to help keep the […]

HRI Coldcare Echinacea Tablets
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Making It Easier to Use Nature to Fight Colds & Flu

We’ve been selling our HRI Cold and Flu Echinacea tablets very successfully for decades, so why have we launched a second traditional herbal medicine product designed to relieve the symptoms of colds and flu? Brigitte Flower, Sales & Marketing Director for HRI Herbal Medicine, explains. When we looked into which natural products people choose to […]