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Natural Ways to Support Your Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness Week is run by the Mental Health Foundation every year in the spring. As well as helping to raise awareness of how common mental health issues are, it offers a good opportunity for all of us to think about our mental health.  Once we understand our state of mind, it is easier […]

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Top Natural Remedies for Stress

Stress Awareness Month in April is a great opportunity for all of us to take the time to understand how it affects us, our friends and colleagues and, if it is becoming a problem, to discover ways to manage our stress levels better. By understanding the causes and effects of stress, and finding out more […]

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Understanding Extracts: It’s All in the Detail

Brigitte Gallagher explains how to understand extracts in herbal medicines such as St John’s Wort and many more We’re all looking for value for money when we shop, whether it be for food, clothes or medicines. And when presented with a row of similar products, we all look for quality, but we’ll want it for […]

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Herbal Water Retention Tablets For Natural Relief

Nobody wants to suffer the discomfort and unattractive puffiness that goes with water retention. Luckily, herbal water retention tablets can help solve this irritating minor health problem. But what exactly is water retention? Fluid retention, or Oedema to give it its medical name, occurs when unwanted fluid collects in the circulatory system or within the […]

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What is a THR?

HRI Herbal Medicine Director Brigitte Flower explains why the Traditional Herbal Registration scheme is so important in giving consumers peace of mind. The UK government’s regulatory body for medicines, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) runs the Traditional Herbal Registration (THR) scheme which requires all herbal medicines that are marketed in the UK to hold […]

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How To Manage Water Retention This Winter

It’s getting darker earlier, you’ve got the central heating on and you’re planning the office Christmas party … you know that winter has arrived. But shorter days don’t mean that you have to put up with the stiff joints and bloated feeling of winter water retention. There are a range of steps you can try, […]