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What Would YOU Do to Avoid Catching a Cold?

At HRI Herbal Medicine, we are passionate about understanding more about the nation’s health, and are constantly working on ways of harnessing the power of natural products in licensed herbal remedies for colds.  One of the most common, minor health problems that affects virtually everybody is the common cold. On average, an adult will get between two to four […]

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Planning Ahead To Help Reduce a Hangover

Of course nobody plans to have a hangover…. You head off to a party or club with the best of intentions, thinking ‘I’ll just have one’. But before you know it, there are quite a few empty glasses on the table and you’re hitting the dance floor to strut your stuff again! Happily, with just […]

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Coping with the Stress of Christmas

Coping with the Stress of Christmas Christmas is all about family, friends, fun, feasting …. and for many people, being completely frazzled! If you find the run-up to Christmas exhausting and rather stressful, you are not alone. There have a been a number of studies that show that stress-induced illnesses such as heart attacks see […]

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How To Get A Clear Complexion

When you suffer from spots and acne, your confidence and self-esteem can be affected – all you want is a clear complexion you can be proud of. If your skin is very bad, it might be worth seeing your doctor who can refer you to a dermatologist to help you get it under control.  Sometimes poor skin can […]

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Top tips for dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder

As the nights draw in and the mornings feel duller, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) becomes a  reality for many people. Winter tends to be a particularly challenging time for people who suffer  with Season Affective Disorder and some people can go on to  develop secondary health problems as a result. There is no cure for […]

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Changes in the Regulation of Herbal Remedies and what they mean to you

By Terry & Patricia Gallagher, HRI Herbal Medicine Since the new European legislation on the sale of herbal medicines came into effect in April 2011, manufacturers of traditional herbal medicines have had to meet more stringent criteria concerning the safety, stability and quality of new products, although shops and online suppliers have been allowed to sell old stocks which pre-date […]

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Echinacea Proven to Help Reduce the Chances of Getting the Common Cold

The largest ever clinical trial of the traditional herbal remedy Echinacea was published in October by the Centre for the Common Cold at Cardiff University and showed the herbal remedy to be ‘safe and beneficial in preventative and symptomatic treatment for colds’. The double-blind trial of 750 participants found that those taking Echinacea over a four-month period had […]