How to Avoid Fireworks When You’ve Overindulged this November

Hot on the heels of the sweet treats of Halloween are delicious bonfire night snacks! Comforting foods like hot dogs, toffee apples and popcorn are a perfect accompaniment to a bonfire and fireworks display.

But too many sugary and carb-laden foods can leave you feeling bloated and with fireworks of a different kind!

A diet regularly high in sugary foods can have a long-term negative impact on your whole body, and could ultimately cause health conditions such as type 2 diabetes. Even occasional indulgence in foods high in sugar can disrupt the functioning of your digestive system, causing stomach upsets and nausea. It also makes your liver work harder to rid the body of toxins.

If you indulge in a few too many snacks and find yourself feeling bloated with an upset stomach, there are some things you can do to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms, natural

Try a cup of peppermint tea

As well as being a tasty and caffeine-free alternative to tea or coffee, peppermint tea could help to relax the muscles in your digestive system which can help soothe symptoms of overindulgence such as bloating and cramps.

Drink plenty of water

Hydration is essential to the proper functioning of your digestive system. You need to drink around two litres of fluid per day. Too little water can cause constipation which means your body can’t excrete waste properly which can cause pain, bloating and cramps.

As well as water, herbal teas, coconut water and diluted fruit juices are great for keeping your hydration levels up.

Take a pass on the alcohol

Alcohol irritates the digestive system and makes it more difficult for your body to absorb vitamins and nutrients. This is because alcohol reduces the amount of digestive enzymes produced by the pancreas. Alcoholic drinks also have a diuretic effect, dehydrating the body which also impacts the digestive system. If you are drinking alcohol, make sure you drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.

Take a warm bath

A soak in a warm bath can help to relax the muscles in your digestive system, easing cramps and discomfort. If you can’t take a bath or you’re on-the-go, you can use a heated pad or hot water bottle to get the same relief.

Try HRI Milk Thistle

Milk thistle has been used traditionally for thousands of years to help rid the body of toxins and soothe symptoms of overindulgence.

HRI Milk Thistle contains a high does of the active extract, Silybum marianum to help relieve an upset stomach. Simply take one or two easy-to-swallow tablets when you’ve had too much to eat or drink.

HRI Milk Thistle tablets carry the THR (Traditional Herbal Registration) symbol, which guarantee the highest quality and safety in Europe, as approved by the government regulator, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

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