People celebrating New Year

Get Prepared to Avoid a Hangover this New Year

Christmas and New Year are common times of year for people to overindulge in rich foods and alcoholic drinks and, unfortunately, suffer the consequences the next day!

No one wants to ring in January with a headache and a poorly tum! So make sure you stay feeling fresh and festive and don’t let a hangover spoil your celebrations with our top tips. 

Line your stomach

What you do before you take your first sip of wine, beer or champagne – or whatever your drink of choice is – can have a big impact on how you feel the next morning. 

Make sure you eat something to line your stomach. The food in your stomach will slow down the rate the alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream. The alcohol then has a less significant effect on the heart and liver – think of it as the alcohol dripping into your system rather than it flooding it. 

Water – drink up!

As alcohol has a diuretic effect, it makes you urinate more frequently, so you need to replenish the fluids you lose by drinking more water. 

It’s a great idea to swap out every other alcoholic drink for a glass of water to dilute the alcohol in your system and keep your body hydrated. 

Mind your portion sizes

We all tend to eat a little more than usual on special occasions and when your body isn’t used to eating larger portions, it can be a bit of a shock to the system. 

Festive treats also tend to be high in sugar and fats, making your liver work harder to rid the body of toxins. 

Help limit the impact on your body by taking care to mind your portion sizes and eat balanced meals when you can. 

Try HRI Milk Thistle

A herbal medicine traditionally used to help detox the liver and relieve symptoms of overindulgence, milk thistle has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. 

HRI Milk Thistle provides a high dose of the active extract silybum manarium to help ease indigestion and soothe an upset stomach. A UK licensed THR herbal medicine (licence number THR 02231/0004), HRI Milk Thistle is safe to take at the recommended dose of 1-2 tablets per day. It’s also suitable for vegans. 

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