Beautiful bride with natural skin

Blemish-Free Wedding Day for Beautiful Bride Sam with HRI Clear Complexion


When HRI Clear Complexion was temporarily out of stock due to supply problems back in September 2016, we received numerous messages from fans of our popular herbal skin care product who were very keen to know when they would be able to buy it again.

One of the most touching stories was a message from Andrew in West Lothian who said:

“I was wondering if there was any development on the HRI Clear Complexion tablets being back in stock in shops? My partner uses them and is having a bit of a panic as she’s down to her last packet and it’s our wedding day at the end of October. They really work for her and she’s hoping that they’re back in time so she looks her best on the day. She has taken burdock root tablets and found they worked, but not as well as HRI Clear Complexion.”


We couldn’t ignore such a heartfelt plea, so managed to find a couple of packs from our stocks and sent them to Andrew for his fiancée Sam.

Sam gave us an amazing review on Facebook saying, “I cannot rate this company highly enough. Not only do their Clear Complexion tablets work like a miracle for me but they are run by an awesome bunch of people.

“You guys really came through when the tablets were out of stock for months and I was getting married. You sent my now husband emergency supplies and I’ll forever be grateful.”

120As you can see from these stunning photos that Andrew sent us after the event, Sam was a beautiful bride and was able to enjoy her wedding day without worrying about blemishes. We wish them all the best for the future.

HRI Clear Complexion is sold online and in selected branches of Holland & Barrett, Tesco, Asda and Boots.