Herbal water retention tablets

Starting the Year Feeling Bloated? Herbal Water Retention Tablets Can Help

We all do it: we promise ourselves we won’t eat all the food we see over Christmas and New Year, but the odd mince pie here and a glass or two of fizz there seem to slip in unnoticed. Come January, we can start the new year feeling sluggish, bloated and suffering the outcomes of our poor choices.

If you have started the New Year with good resolutions to eat a healthier diet and keep to a regular exercise regime, you will hopefully already be starting to see the benefits of your efforts.  However, a bloated tummy, puffy fingers or the dreaded ‘crepey’ appearance of areas such as your thighs or tummy can be challenging to alleviate. The good news is that this may be because it caused by water retention, rather than weight-gain and using THR approved herbal tablets for water retention could help eliminate the symptoms more quickly than dietary adjustments alone.

A combination of a healthy lifestyle and regular use of herbal water retention tablets approved by the regulator under the Traditional Herbal Registration (THR) scheme can help to relieve swollen ankles, legs and tummies.

Here are our top 5 recommendations to naturally ease the bloating and discomfort of stubborn water retention.

1. Choose A Simple Diet, Rich In Vitamins And Minerals

Certain foods contain bloat-busting, naturally occurring properties that can help to reduce the symptoms of water retention. Potassium, for example, readily found in bananas, avocados and tomatoes helps to decrease sodium levels and increase urine production restoring the body’s natural water balance

Potatoes, walnuts and meat all contain a good dose of vitamin B6 which is necessary for the production of haemoglobin in the blood and the functioning of the nervous system.  Vitamin B6 offers other health-boosting benefits to the body, including helping to reduce water retention in women suffering from premenstrual syndrome.

Eating plenty of freshly prepared meals, including a good amount of meat or fish and vegetables will help to ease that bloating feeling.

2. Avoid Eating Too Much Salt

Salt can cause you real problems when it comes to water retention.  Because it is made up of both sodium and chloride, it can cause your body to retain more water.  Reducing the amount of sodium in your body can help to ease the painful symptoms of water retention. There are some great tips on how to reduce the amount of salt in your diet without losing out on flavour on the NHS website.

3. Get Plenty Of Exercise

Central heating, lack of exercise and too much food and alcohol can all make us feel sluggish and often bloated.  Grab a bottle of water, wrap up warm and get out in the fresh air.  Walking not only helps to burn calories but also increases circulation and helps to stimulate the digestive process and encourage it to rid your body of toxins.

4. Take A Good Herbal Medicine for Water Retention

The painful symptoms of water retention can be dramatically reduced by taking a herbal tablet for water retention such as HRI Water Balance.

These contain Dandelion leaf is a proven remedy to help ease the pain and discomfort of water retention that occurs when the body stores water instead of passing it out naturally through urine and sweat.

Additional extracts of Uva-ursi leaf and Buchu leaf are also effective, natural ingredients that help to alleviate the pain associated with the condition.

5. Finally, put your feet up

Once you have tackled your diet, been for a walk and taken your herbal medicine, putting your feet up isn’t just relaxing, it is also good for you! Raising your feet above the level of your heart can help to reduce swelling your feet and ankles caused by painful water retention.

Resist the urge to lie completely flat as that may not be beneficial, but 30 minutes with a cup of hot water and lemon and your feet up on a cushion may help to reduce the swelling.

Herbal water retention tablets can help to beat the battle of the bloat and offer a natural alternative to over the counter medicines

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