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Five Fabulous Foods to Boost Your Mood

We can all feel a bit glum and sluggish in the winter-time, but in January in particular, this can tip over into feelings of depression or despondency for some of us. If your state of mind is affecting your everyday life – for example, if you’re  struggling to get out of bed or you find […]

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An Everyday Guide To A Superhero Supplement

Vitamin C helps to boost our immune systems, as well as improve the body’s ability to heal wounds, absorb iron and form collagen to keep our skin looking smooth and healthy. As one of the best-loved supplements in the world, many of us rely heavily on it during the winter months to help keep the […]

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Is there a RIGHT Sort of Water Retention?

There are pages and pages of information on the Internet and in magazines on how to get rid of water retention. In fact, we’ve got quite a few articles on this topic in our Health Tips section ourselves. However, it’s important to remember that whilst the type of fluid retention that causes bloating and puffiness […]

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What Would YOU Do to Avoid Catching a Cold?

At HRI Herbal Medicine, we are passionate about understanding more about the nation’s health, and are constantly working on ways of harnessing the power of natural products in licensed herbal remedies for colds.  One of the most common, minor health problems that affects virtually everybody is the common cold. On average, an adult will get between two to four […]

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Planning Ahead To Help Reduce a Hangover

Of course nobody plans to have a hangover…. You head off to a party or club with the best of intentions, thinking ‘I’ll just have one’. But before you know it, there are quite a few empty glasses on the table and you’re hitting the dance floor to strut your stuff again! Happily, with just […]

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Getting Serious About Natural Eczema Treatments

Changes in the weather, exposure to allergens and additional stresses can all impact your clear complexion and cause flare ups of eczema. If you are a sufferer, the onset of autumn in particular can trigger skin inflammation, so it’s a good time to review whether there is a natural eczema treatment that could be right […]