Woman with winter cold and flu

Give Germs the Elbow this Winter with Echinacea Tablets

It may be a brand New Year, but – sadly – it’s also the season for colds and flu. This year, why not take some steps to help give germs the heave-ho naturally, with help from some herbal Echinacea tablets, and enjoy a fun-filled, healthy, start to the year instead?

Why do Germs Spread so Quickly in the Winter?

We co-exist with germs all year round, but winter provides an ideal environment for germs to thrive and multiply. The chill of autumn and winter means we spend more time indoors, likely, in close proximity to other people. This increases the chances of catching a winter bug, especially when someone coughs or sneezes, particularly on crowded public transport. It’s no wonder the winter season is when you’re most likely to experience a cold or a bout of the flu

Viruses like the flu, are pretty fond of cold weather because they are able to remain more stable in cooler conditions. Factor in a busy festive period with later bedtimes, more sugar-laden treats and plenty of occasions to raise a glass, and our bodies are more susceptible to picking up bugs and infections.

The cold weather has been found to weaken the body’s defences against infection.  Shorter days mean we are exposed to less vitamin D, an essential component to ensure the proper function of body’s immune system. When we don’t have enough Vitamin D, our immune systems are able to properly regulate themselves, leaving us more vulnerable to infection.


How Can I Prevent Catching Germs and Bugs this Winter?

Given that hibernating under the duvet, with a supply of fresh, healthy meals and no human contact isn’t a realistic option, you need to come up with a different strategy to stay healthy this winter.  

Eating well, exercising regularly and keeping your germs to yourself can help to keep you and others around you well during the winter.

Here are our top tips for avoiding colds and flu:

1.Eat Well

Whilst we all like to tuck into something hot and comforting during the cold weather, remember not to forego all your fresh fruit and veggies that help to boost your immune system and increase your energy.


2. Stay Warm

Winter often feels less about fashion and more about keeping cosy. Hats, gloves and scarves help to keep our extremities warm. Layer up with an extra jumper or cardi you can take off when you move into a heated room from the chill outside.  When your body is warm it able to better protect itself against germs, so stay toasty this winter.


3. Choose Echinacea Tablets to Help You Through the Winter Months

Herbal medicines can make big difference to the way you feel this winter. Extracts of the herb Echinacea in particular are traditionally used to help boost the immune system, helping to improve your body’s defences against germs. When it has a higher count of germ-fighting white blood cells, your body is better able to fight infections.

Make sure you choose Echinacea tablets with the THR symbol of quality and safety that contains extract from the Echinacea purpurea root.  You can take this herbal medicine as soon as you feel a cold or flu coming on. Alternatively, start taking your herbal cold remedy when the weather turns, to help avoid colds and flu.

Echinacea has been used to help people fight infections during the cold and flu season, but make sure you find a herbal remedy for colds that contains a high enough dose. Each HRI Cold & Flu Echinacea™ tablet contains 56mg of extract from Echinacea purpurea root equivalent to 338-450mg of Echinacea and is designed to help you keep cold and flu at bay this winter.

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