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Reduce Discomfort With Herbal Water Retention Tablets This Autumn

Water retention, also known as Oedema, is an uncomfortable and common complaint, so it is no surprise that many people seek a solution from herbal water retention tablets.  Fluid retention can cause swelling around the stomach, feet, legs, ankles, fingers, and arms which during the autumn months, can contribute to stiffness and discomfort in these areas. If you suffer from this condition, it can make you feel uncomfortable and sluggish, but there are things you can do to help alleviate the symptoms.

Which Herbs Can Help with Water Retention?

Herbs like Dandelion root and leaf have traditionally been used for their natural diuretic properties, helping to alleviate symptoms and lessen the swelling and associated discomfort. If you are suffering from water retention, why not consider trying some mild, but effective herbal water retention tablets to help ease it naturally?

Water retention is very common, and many people will experience it at some point in their life.  However, if you feel that it is becoming a problem, or you have symptoms of pain or extended discomfort, you should always see your GP to rule out any underlying health problems.

What causes water retention?

There are a variety of reasons behind an outbreak of mild Oedema, many of which can be addressed by making fairly small changes to your diet or lifestyle. The most common causes of water retention include:

  • Eating a diet that has too much salt in it. This is one of the main causes of water retention and happens because the main component of salt is sodium which causes your body to retain fluid, rather than naturally disposing of it.
  • Sitting or standing for too long is another major cause of water retention, particularly in the feet and ankles. This tends to be even worse if you are overweight or middle-aged.  Gravity increases the pressure inside the blood vessels, causing them to leak fluid into the tissues around the ankles and lower legs. This type of swelling may be more noticeable at the end of the day but will usually disappear by the next morning.
  • Hormonal changes are also a very common cause of water retention.  During your menstrual cycle each month, you may well feel puffy or bloated for a few days right before your period starts.  Ladies who are taking the contraceptive pill or HRT can also suffer from extended bouts of water retention.

How Herbal Water Retention Tablets Could Help

If you want a natural herbal alternative to alleviate the symptoms of water retention, look for products that carry the Traditional Herbal Registration (THR) kitemark such as HRI Water Balance. The most effective herbal water retention tablets are those that contain the following herbs and extracts:

Dandelion Root and Leaf Extract – this acts as an effective natural diuretic. This happens due to taraxasterol and potassium found within the plant, which together are believed to help to stimulate the production of urine, causing excess fluid to pass out of the body naturally.

Uva-ursi Leaf Extract – Uva Ursi has natural antibacterial properties, as well as containing tannins that help reduce the inflammation and swelling associated with water retention. 

Buchu Leaf Extract – these South African leaves are used to relieve inflammation of the urinary tract and also offer further antibacterial properties.

If you are suffering from uncomfortable bouts of fluid retention, herbal water retention tablets can offer you the relief you are looking for.  Changing your diet and including as much activity as possible your daily routine will all help.

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