Natural Antidepressants To Help Ease Post-Holiday Blues

Have you come back from a great holiday to find your mood has slumped?

When you return to your normal routine after a fantastic break, it can be a bit of a shock to your system, so suffering from a bout of the post-holiday blues is very normal.

In most cases, it will pass by itself, but there are some tried and tested methods you can try to lift your mood with these steps which effectively act as natural antidepressants.

Make plans and set goals

Write down what you’d like to do and achieve over the next year. This will help to focus your mind on the present and the future, giving you events to look forward to, rather than dwelling on anything that’s not gone well in the past.

Eat well and exercise

Your diet and activity levels have an impact on your physical and mental health. Foods high in omega-3, vitamins and minerals such as oily fish, brazil nuts, bananas and spinach are all great for supporting your health, feeding your brain and helping to boost your mood.

Synchronise your sleep

If you’ve travelled to a different timezone, your body clock will need time to adjust. Try and get back into your regular sleep routine as soon as possible, as feeling tired and groggy will just add to a feeling of low mood.

Practise good ‘sleep hygiene’ by establishing a regular bedtime and making sure your bedroom is comfortable and relaxing. Avoid eating just before bed and opt-out of the after-dinner coffee for the best chance of an unbroken night’s sleep.

Get outside

Get plenty of natural light by spending time outdoors. It’s proven to boost your mood, and it can be especially powerful to exercise outdoors, such as going for a run or a brisk walk during daylight hours.

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