Skin Care For Men – A Guide To Help You Stay Spot Free!

Many women seem to just love pampering themselves and are happy to invest time and money in things that can help improve their skin. You chaps are often a bit different: it seems like there’s always something better to do than spend time in the bathroom, yet men’s skin is just as prone to outbreaks, dry skin and seasonal flare-ups as ours is. You may not want to fill your bathroom cupboards with creams and ointments to keep you looking buff and spot free, but there are ways to ensure that you can keep your boyish complexion – without too much faffing about.

Male skin has very different needs to female skin. The male hormone, testosterone, is directly responsible for many types of acne because it increases the production of sebum, the skin’s natural oil that carries dead skin cells to the surface. A healthy diet, plenty of water and the correct amount of sleep are key to keeping your skin supple and spot free.

So here are our five top tips for keeping your skin in great condition and spot-free this winter.

  1. Clean your face! Not just a quick splash round with a flannel, really clean your face. Ideally, men should wash their face twice every day using a gentle facial cleanser. You may not have to worry about cleaning off make-up and mascara as women do, but the grease and grime of day to day living can still get lodged in your skin and will cause blackheads and spots if you don’t cleanse thoroughly. Washing your face in the shower is also the perfect opportunity to really deep-clean your skin, as the warm steam opens the pores so that you can eliminate all of those nasty bits of dirt that will turn into spots.
  1. Moisturise now to stay spot free for longer. It’s not just women who need to moisurise – your skin needs to be kept hydrated too. Although important, the action of washing your face also strips it of some of its essential oils, which could lead to dryness if you’re not careful. When it is dry, skin tends to over-produce oil, which leads to breakouts. Using a gentle moisturiser specifically designed for men’s skin is the best way to prevent this happening.
  1.  Scrub the dead skin away at least once a week. You may think that exfoliating is something dreamt up by cosmetics companies, but it is actually an important part of any skin-care routine. Removing the outer layer of dead and dying skin can make a world of difference and help you achieve a healthier, glowing complexion that is less prone to breakouts. You can buy special facial exfoliating skincare products, but if you want to keep it simple, just use a rough flannel, sponge or soft loofah to exfoliate away dead cells whilst using your normal facial cleanser. Don’t do this everyday though, or your will destroy the delicate outer layer of your skin – just once a week should be enough.
  1. Prevent beard rash by taking extra care of your facial hair. Beard rash, also known as ‘barber’s itch’, occurs when the beard area becomes infected, causing red or sore spots. To help prevent it, ensure that your skin is supple and your pores are open before your shave. The best way to do this is to take a shower before you shave, as after a few minutes of exposure to steam and warm water, your hairs will become quite soft. You can also help to prevent the dreaded shaving rash by not shaving too close to the skin, always using clean razors and cleaning and drying your face well after shaving. However, if you already have beard rash, it’s a good idea to stop shaving until the irritation clears up. To help clear it up, you could also apply a natural antiseptic such as tea tree oil, or apply a clean wet flannel soaked in a mild solution of warm saltwater and leave for 15 minutes.
  1.  Look after your skin from within. However you choose to look after your skin on the outside, you can only achieve a spot-free complexion if you make sure you eat well and keep a healthy balanced diet full of natural vitamins and nutrients. Sleep is important too, as over-tiredness soon shows up in the form of dull skin. If you are prone to spots or pimples, blemishes, mild acne or mild eczema, you may like to try a traditional herbal remedy such as HRI Clear Complexion. This is the only licensed herbal remedy to contain the natural active herbal extracts Blue Flag and Burdock Root.

So why don’t you spoil yourself and spend just a little extra time in the bathroom – your skin will thank you for it!

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