5 Ways To Soothe Adult Acne With Natural Remedies

Spots, acne and blackheads – just like school reports, we all hope to leave them behind in our teen years! Unfortunately, acne can hang on into adulthood or reappear at times of stress or hormonal fluctuation, such as during pregnancy or the menopause.

If you suffer from adult acne, you may already have tried what seems like all the skin creams and spot ointments on the market, even have visited your doctor and been prescribed medication.

Whilst some of these may help alleviate the problem in the short term, skin creams can knock the delicate balance and necessary oils out of whack with harsh drying agents. Many prescription medications for acne come with a laundry list of unpleasant side effects that can affect your skin, joints, eyes and overall wellbeing.

If none of these methods have worked for you, or you’re looking for a more natural adult acne treatment to help alleviate the pain and discomfort acne can bring, try these natural remedies to help soothe your skin and get your complexion glowing.

  1. Try anti-bacterial tea tree oil

This essential oil is extracted from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, a small tree native to Australia. It’s long been known for its ability to fight bacteria and help reduce inflammation of the skin.

You can apply diluted tea tree oil directly to a spot to help relieve inflammation. Unlike synthetic acne applications, such as benzoyl peroxide, it has far fewer side effects when applied properly.

It’s really important to dilute tea tree oil before applying it to your skin as it is highly astringent and using it undiluted could be damaging.

  1.  Slap on a Manuka honey face mask

It’s not just yummy on toast! Manuka honey has some great wound-healing and antibacterial properties too.

We like to use manuka honey in a face mask, mixed with a little cinnamon and a dash of lemon juice. It leaves your skin feeling soft and soothed – and smelling quite delicious!

  1.  Eat Zinc rich foods

Research  shows that people with lower levels of zinc in their body tend to be more prone to acne breakouts and blemishes. Eating foods rich in zinc can help boost your immune system and keep your skin healthy. With anti-inflammatory and healing properties, a diet with plenty of zinc-rich foods like nuts, seeds and legumes, can help reduce spots and scarring.

  1.  Fill up on oily fish for fabulous skin

It may seem counterintuitive to eat oily fish when it feels like your skin has an abundance of oil, but it can really help! A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids found in oily fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines actually help your skin manage oil production and decrease the inflammatory factors that can trigger acne flare ups.

  1. Rely on HRI Clear Complexion

THR Certified HRI Clear Complexion contains natural active herbal extracts of Blue Flag and Burdock Root to soothe skin and reduce spots and pimples.

Blue Flag, a perennial herb and a member of the Iris family, helps remove toxins and waste products from the body, according to traditional use, a key factor for achieving and maintaining a healthy complexion.

Burdock Root has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial properties and has been traditionally used for centuries to help calm skin irritations such as mild acne and eczema.

HRI Clear Complexion is trusted by thousands of people to help relieve mild acne, eczema, spots and blemishes, based on traditional use.

Leeanne, a sales executive from Kent, shared her experience of using HRI Clear Complexion to help relieve her adult acne:

“I am in my 30’s and still suffering with bad skin so finding Clear Complexion was a huge relief and has done wonders for my skin. I have been using this product for years and have suffered no side effects and find this product great value for money. Clear Complexion is great and does exactly what it says on the box. I would highly recommend trying this product for problem skin in adults and teenagers.”

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