Spring Clean Your Skin The Natural Way with HRI Herbal Medicine

Spring Cleaning Your Skin the Natural Way

Hooray! It looks as if winter is finally over and we can begin to look forward to warmer weather once again.

Spring is a time of renewal, which is why so many of us feel the need to start afresh this time of year, we have the urge to clean out our closets and embark on a thorough spring clean.

It is also the perfect time to spring clean your skin to help you work towards having a brighter and lighter complexion for the summer ahead.

Here are our six top tips for renewing your skin care regime and refreshing your skin this springtime.

1. Start with a deep clean

Applying a face mask has two benefits: it is the perfect excuse to lock yourself away in the bathroom for some peace and quiet for twenty minutes or so, but of course it is also a great way to give your skin a thorough cleanse.  Natural ingredients like clay, mint, rose extract and even tea all work wonders to freshen up a dowdy winter complexion.

2. Exfoliate

Nothing says clean like scrubbing  – so why not get to work and scrub away dead skin cells with an exfoliating treatment. If you are looking for a simple, natural alternative to shop-bought exfoliators, you can make your own natural skin scrub by simply mixing two cups of brown sugar with one cup of Evening Primrose oil, adding a bit of ground ginger and rubbing in a circular motion all over your skin from head to toe. Just rinse the mixture off with body wash and enjoy your newfound baby-soft skin.

3. Cleanse, tone and moisturise

This three-step routine is a daily must to ensure that your skin stays clean and hydrated – it really is worth spending a few extra minutes in the bathroom to help your skin be the best it can be.  Clean skin is less likely to suffer from nasty breakouts and toning closes up the pores to reduce the chance of blackheads or spots taking hold. After a long cold winter, pay extra attention to your moisturiser as your skin may be dry after the cold weather – well-hydrated skin will look younger too.

4.  Drink of plenty of water

If you have been indulging in lots of hot, caffeinated drinks over the colder months, it’s time to get back to drinking clear water. If you want the effect to show in your skin, you need to aim for least 8 glasses a day to help flush out toxins. By increasing your water intake, you will soon find that your skin will feel better and look more radiant.

5. Try a traditional herbal medicine

You can help support your skin from within by taking a traditional herbal remedy designed specifically to improve your complexion. HRI Clear Complexion is a traditional herbal medicinal product which can help to relieve the symptoms of minor skin problems such as spots, pimples, mild acne and mild eczema, based on traditional use.

6.  Get plenty of sleep

Skimping on sleep is one of the quickest ways to virtually guarantee a breakout of troublesome spots. Aiming to get a 8 hours good-quality sleep a night will work wonders for your skin – as well as your general well-being.  Sleep gives skin a chance to renew and recharge itself, giving you the best chance of a better complexion overall.

Jumpstart your skin-care regime and you’ll be perfectly primed and ready to glow this springtime.