Temporary shortage of HRI Clear Complexion – Update

18th October 2016

Terry & Patricia Gallagher of HRI Herbal Medicine explain why you may be struggling to find your favourite traditional herbal remedy for spots, pimples and mild acne 

We know that many of fans of our HRI Clear Complexion tablets are struggling to find the product at the moment. We wanted to reassure loyal customers that this is only temporary and explain why there is currently a shortage – unfortunately, we now don’t expect the product to be back on the shelves until November.

Like all our products, HRI Clear Complexion is licensed and approved by the UK regulator, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). There has been a supply issue due to one of our former extract suppliers ceasing manufacture of the key ingredients of our tablets, so we have had to apply to the MHRA to be allowed to vary the licence to add new suppliers. This may sound like a minor change – and won’t make any difference to the benefits that you expect from taking the tablets – but it is a big deal in regulatory terms. To vary the ingredients at all, we have to produce a dossier called an Active Substance Master File for the MHRA, with very detailed analysis and information about the new ingredients. This stringent regulation is all part of the Traditional Herbal Registration scheme, which we, as providers of fully licensed herbal medicines, have to fully comply with – and hence the need for so much additional testing. 

The MHRA is finalising its review of the new information and once they have confirmed that it meets the regulatory requirements, we will be able to start producing the new tablets to get them back on the shelves as soon as possible.

Thank you for being a loyal HRI Herbal Medicine customer.