Who Has TIME for a Stinking Cold?

The common cold can be a blight on us all during winter and early spring. Staying inside with the doors and windows closed may help us to avoid the bad weather, but it also gives those nasty cold germs ideal conditions in which to multiply and spread. Even if you do go out and about, being with other people on public transport or in the office means we are more likely to pick up a cold from those around us during the winter, than at any other time of year. echinacea tablets

A bad cold can put us out of action for days on end, and we feel poorly and out-of-sorts until the infection passes. And if you have a demanding job, look after small children or have a lot of pressures on your time, you simply can’t afford is to be out of action due to a cold for a week or even longer!

How Does The Common Cold Spread?

Colds spread like wildfire and once you catch one, you’re infectious until all of the symptoms have gone.  With the average cold lasting between 7-10 days, most people struggle on with their everyday lives whilst they are still carrying the cold virus.  This means that there are thousands of infectious people walking around at any given time, and that unless you take steps to stay thoroughly well-protected, you are highly likely to catch a cold too.

A cough or a sneeze is enough for you to be exposed to the germs of anyone in close proximity.  If someone with a cold blows their nose and then touches someone or something else, they will spread their cold germs to those around them.  This makes the things we touch every day, such as door handles, keyboards, light switches and rails, a haven for germs during the winter.

If you are one of those people who are just too busy to have a cold and want to avoid being bed-bound at this time of year, why not try our suggestions of ways to avoid a cold?

How To Avoid A Cold This Winter

There are many effective natural ways to help keep the cold germs at bay this season.

1)    Keep your distance

Where possible, keep a safe distance away from anyone exhibiting symptoms of a cold, which could include avoiding kissing your loved ones for a few days while they are bunged up.

If the person sitting next to you on the bus is having a sneezing fit, try and move away from them.  Likewise, if you’re the one suffering from a cold, consider staying home for a few days until the worst of it passes to avoid passing it on to others. The Aviva Working Lives report of 2017, notes that as many as 70% of workers still go in even when they are poorly, and demonstrates just how much our risk of catching a cold increases in the workplace.

2)    Keep warm

When you’re cold, your body focuses on pumping blood around the body to warm you up, meaning that you don’t have much energy left to fight infections.  Wrapping up to keep yourself warm gives your body a better chance to cope with any germs that try to attack it.

3)    Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands with soap is considered to be one of the most effective ways of preventing the spread of germs and bacteria. You should wet your hands thoroughly and apply soap, before rubbing them together rigorously for at least 20 seconds, then drying using a paper towel that can be disposed of immediately.

4)    Stay Hydrated

Doctors recommend that we drink about eight glasses of water a day to stay healthy. Water is essential for helping our kidneys to function properly and to help flush out the toxins that can accumulate in our bodies at any time of year.

Take A Herbal Remedy

The very best way to avoid having to take time off work with a cold, is to ensure that your immune system is fighting fit from the outset.  Echinacea tablets are a herbal remedy used traditionally to help boost the immune system.

Echinacea tablets can be taken all year round, before the first signs of a cold appear.

HRI Coldcare combines Echinacea with Zinc and Vitamin C to fight colds with three times the power.

Help keep colds and flu at bay with natural remedies and share what works for you. If you’d like some more ideas of how to stay healthy naturally, why not join our HRI Facebook Community – we’d love to hear your thoughts.